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Bio-Quinone Active Q10

Q10 occurs in the body in two closely related forms - oxidised (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol). It is the interconversion between these two forms of Q10 that is important in the production of cellular energy, and for antioxidant activity.

Bio-Quinone Active Q10:

Contains Q10 in the ubiquinone (oxidised form). This is the form of Q10 on which most clinical studies have been caried out. Most healthy people are able to process Q10 in its ubiquinone form.

Available in pack sizes:

Super 30mg 30 capsules
Super 30mg 60 capsules
Super 30mg 150 capsules
GOLD 100mg 60 capsules
GOLD 100mg 150 capsules

Customer Review:

  • "I started taking Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Gold 100mg because my immune system was not good. Also my cholesteral level was going up and I had already had a stroke. My energy levels where poor as i also have B12 deficiancy. I have been on them now for about 6mths. My immune system has really picked up, my cholesteral level has dropped & i have much more energy. I concider the decission to take this product to be one of the best i have made in my life."

    Annabel Baker 5/5

  • "My husband and I have taken Q10 for 22 years. I take 200mg daily and at 69plus I am active and able to carry out research work in education,spend quality time with work, home and family and enjoy walking,pilates and using our small home gym which includes an exercise bike and rowing machine!!!My husband is 77 and wouldn't go a day without Q10. I am really pleased that doctors are now slowly beginning to recognise the benfits from this marvelloues product. I never fail o share Q10 information with colleagues and friends. When I have hospital appointments I always add Q10 to any medications I happen to be taking."

    Annie Cordner-Webster 5/5

  • "My husband and I have been taking Q10 for more than 30 years. We are now 78 years of age. My husband is still running, has an allotment and swims, attends a gym 3 times a week. We are both very active living in an attractive small town in North Yorkshire which is very hilly, also live in a house which is part of a converted 28th century linen mill and has 3 floors, so have many steps. We are both promoters of Q10 and will continue to do so."

    B Munt 5/5

  • "I have been taking the 100mg Q10 for several years now and believe it has made me look and feel much younger than my current 70 years of age. It is expensive, but I shall continue to take it as long as I can afford it."

    Janet Hicks 5/5

  • "Q10 is fantastic, I have been taking it for over 18 months and what a difference in my skin and brain function. Highly recommend this product."

    Julie Roadnight 5/5

  • "I was conscious that my energy levels had dropped alarmingly. I couldn't understand why this was because I ate a good diet, did not drink, had never smoked and was not over-weight. I reluctantly assumed that this was the natural effect of aging and something I just had to get used to and accept as I got older.
    Knowing of Pharma Nord by reputation I bought a pack of Super Bio-Quinone Q10 and have been taking them ever since. I know it sounds unbelievable, but within a week of starting my first pack my energy levels rose amazingly and are now back to what they were fifteen years ago - provided I take Q10 regularly."

    L Sheridan 5/5

  • "I have been singing the praises of Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold 100mg so loudly that even my cynical GP (now retired) started to take them and has had eat his words.
    I learned about the benefits of taking Q10 when I attended a Fibromyalgia conference in Harrogate some years ago. Like millions of other Fibro sufferers I had been plagued by permanent 'flu-like' symptoms , with aching muscles and low energy levels.
    Within weeks of taking Super Bio-Quinone Q10 I started to get my life back on track-with raised energy levels and a greater feeling of well being.
    Shortly after retiring my former GP had a stroke. He was sapped of all energy and had statin related aching muscles. I persuaded him to give Q10 a whirl-after all what did he have to lose?
    The cynic is now a convert and takes Q10 regularly.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough !!"

    Louise Coupar 5/5

  • "I decided to try it after reading the information about the benefits. After 3 weeks my worryingly high blood pressure had returned to normal. More importantly to me however, I noticed huge improvements in my health after 25 years suffering M.E. I am now working full time, swimming, horse-riding, and going ski-ing this year. Over the business of Christmas and being so well, I forgot to take it, and it was when I noticed a return of old symptoms I decided to reintroduce and my health is back on form again within 2 weeks. This product has changed my life!! I take 3 a day and all physical, mental, and emotional symptoms have dramatically improved or completely disappeared! I lead a 'normal' life for the first time in 25 years! I struggle to afford it as it is expensive, but I can't afford not to take it. Research needs to be undertaken in this respect; and if findings support my experience being repeated, it needs to be made available/affordable for all!"

    Lynne Adams 5/5

  • "Excellent product. I'm taking the 100mg Q10 as recommended by my doctor and feel better. More tolerance in everyday activities and extra protection for my heart."

    Nick K 5/5

  • "Excellent product. It was recommended by my husband's heart doctor due to his intolerance of the cholesterol statins. Ever since he consumes the Q10, he has no problem with his join and muscle pain."

    P.C. Whitmore 5/5

  • "I often experience bleeding sore gums, and my dentist recommended I take this product. Within a short while of taking it, my gums are no longer a problem, and as an added bonus I have loads more energy and feel generally more healthy and vital. This supplement is also recommended by many naturopaths and wholistic pracitioners, it infuses cells in the body with energy and is a powerful antioxidant; I'm usually a bit of a sceptic when it comes to these things but I have seen the "proof in the pudding" for myself!!"

    Sally Waite 5/5

  • "I am 68 years old , both myself and my husband have been taking Q10 for the last 18 years in all that time i have never had to have any treatment at the dentist other than a clean , my blood pressure is normal so is my cholesterol ,i get up at 4-00 am and i am very active i put it all down to taking Q10's with being on a pension i do find them expensive but manage to get the money together , its worth the expense to feel so well."

    Sue S 5/5

  • "I have been taking Bio-Quinone Q10 since September 2012. I have to admit I do believe my energy levels have increased. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have noticed what a difference I feel taking my Q10. Thank you"

    Wendy Ann Shaw 5/5

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