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Bio-Ubiquinol Active QH

Q10 occurs in the body in two closely related forms - oxidised (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol). It is the interconversion between these two forms of Q10 that is important in the production of cellular energy, and for antioxidant activity.

Bio-Ubiquinol Active Q10:

Contains Q10 in the ubiquinol (reduced form). Bio-Ubiquinol Active QH may benefit elderly people or individuals with impaired digestion who are less able to absorb supplemental Q10 in its ubiquinone form (normal Q10).

Available in pack sizes:

30mg 60 capsules
30mg 150 capsules
100mg 60 capsules
100mg 150 capsules

Customer Review:

  • "I have read many good reports praising BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol and can confirm that I am feeling the benefits along with reduced blood pressure results that are now more acceptable for a 74 year old."

    Alan Garner 5/5

  • "As an aging builder energy levels were declining so i tried 100mg Ubiquinol and have been pleased with the results,good for your heart too."

    Chris 5/5

  • "I have been taking Q10 and subsequently Ubiquinol for approximately 18 months. I found that it actually appears to have stablised my blood pressure which was high even though I was taking medication.
    I also feel I have more energy when taking Ubiquinol as if I stop taking the tablets for a week or more I feel tired more quickly."

    Doreen 5/5

  • "I've been taking Q10 Ubiquinol for 6 months or more and I felt I had a spring in my step from the moment I started using this product; I feel I have more energy and the fact that it protects my heart is a definite bonus. Its amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone."

    Elaine Green 5/5

  • "Ubiquinol Q10 is just fantastic. I am over fifty and find that it has quickly restored my energy levels and reduced my blood pressure that was beginning to climb a little above normal. I ran out of them recently and was without any for three days and noticed my energy levels fall right back to where they were before - I would highly recommend them - especially with the selenium to ensure continued cardiovascular health. Expensive but really well worth it in the end."

    Fergal 5/5

  • "Over 50 and on statins the tiredness, aches & pains were inevitable but 2 100mg Q10 Ubiquinol per day and the energy levels are back where they should be. Pharma Nord's Bioactive Q10 is not the cheapest but in my view the best I have tried, Quality costs & my health is priceless to me."

    Graham 5/5

  • "I am 58 and do a lot of hill walking but last year suddenly found my energy just collasped. I tried several things but the only one that worked was bioActive Q10 Ubiquinol. After taking it for 3 weeks I found the energy and stamina returned to normal but it is taking a while to rebuild confidence. Will keep taking it from now on. The effect seems subtle but very powerful."

    John S 5/5

  • "I was recommended ubiquinol BioActive Q10 by a health professional for my heart. I can't tell if its doing anything great for my heart but I was shocked when my gums stopped bleeding (they have bled all my adult life). When I went to see my dentist they were amazed how good my gums were looking too. On top of all that I have more energy and am not as fatigued as I used to be. So all in all I say go for it and give them a try - you owe it to yourself to at least try them and see."

    Keith Sheriff 5/5

  • "I suffered from muscle and back pain for many years. I was then prescribed statins, which caused muscle paralysis and muscle waste. Doctors advice was continue with the statins, thinking perhaps the doctor knew best I took one more tablet, I was horrendously ill and then had months of pain. My friend is a Treger practitioner recommended CO Q 10 Ubiquinol, I didn't fully believe the claims but I trusted my friend. Four and a half days later a lot of the pain lifted, and I slept through the nights.
    Another friend had serious back pain and took CO Q 10 Ubiquinol, she is over the moon as four and a half days later most pain has gone. I was dubious as I saw many claims for wonder remedies,but I feel extremely lucky that I now have a future without the terrible pain I experienced for some three years or more. I am grateful to Treger and Pharma Nord. Pain curtails any enjoyment of life..........but now I have a lot of restored energy and hope......that's the best and least expected benefit ever. I recommend Both Treger and Pharma Nord CO Q 10 unreservedly."

    Lian Renaud 5/5

  • "I am absolutely thrilled with Ubiquinol. I have had chronic fatigue for several years now and it has given me back my energy to live my life, and a side effect is that my migraines have much reduced in frequency and intensity."

    Linda Letford 5/5

  • "I started taking 100mg Bio Active Q10 ubiquinol about 4 months ago i noticed after about 2 weeks my energy had improved so much. I then noticed that a vein in my leg which was causing me alot of discomfort and fluid retention was no longer painful and fluid retention was no longer a problem. I am def. going keep taking this product it is truly amazing."

    Mairead Welby 5/5

  • "I am 54 and a few years ago a virus affected my heart muscle and I collapsed during a hospital exercise test at heart rate 130 bpm and was told by a consultant cardiologist not to exercise. I am now recovered and have been taking 100mg Q10 Ubiquinol daily for 18 months which gives me the energy to walk long distances, run competively, and play tennis. I also now row competively and the Concept 2 ergos (rowing machines), which don't lie, tell me that my energy and fitness levels compare with club members 20 years younger! I know that the extra energy comes from the daily 100mg Ubiquinol Q10, and it also lowers my blood pressure. I can't rate this product highly enough. With many supplements you can't feel the difference - with Ubiquinol Q10 you really can. I ran 4.5 miles this morning at 70% of my max heart rate and am just off to the rowing club for UT1 ergo training! I would not be without Ubiquinol Q10."

    Miles 5/5

  • "I started taking 100mg of BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol some months ago and right from the first capsule it worked for me. The best way I can describe It is, it was like a switch been turned on with the lovely feeling I got of calm and serinity. So I would not be without my Ubiquinol every day."

    Sean 5/5

  • "My parents about 86 years old ,they take 2 capsules of 100 mg BioActive Q10 everyday for their hearts and energy. They look well, happy and have a good mood. I considered that they should take the capsules continually."

    Thitimanun 5/5

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