Dennis Gore

Dennis Gore, Phc M.P.S M.R.S.H

"Dennis the Chemist" as he is affectionately known, is a renowned community pharamcist in Manchester, has supplied Bio-Quinone Q10 to thousands of his customers and can personally attest to its effects. He has attended Q10 conferences worldwide and is considered one of the UK's best Q10 experts. 

Dennis has a passion for nutrition that began over forty years ago. He is a leading exponent of complimentary medicine and has gained a vast amount of expertise and personal experience in the world of health food and dietary supplements. He regularly appears on radio and television and frequently gives lectures to doctors, pharmacists and other health care professionals. 

"No two vitamin brands are the same. Your supplements should be trusted by professionals and meet high standards. Pharma Nord are a perfect example of this."

"Make your choice and stick with it
- then you'll see results!"

Dennis Gore MPS M.R.S.H
Community Pharmacist "Dennis the Chemist"