Svend Aage Mortensen

Svend Aage Mortensen M.D., DMSc, Assoc. Prof.

Svend Mortensen got his medical degree in 1974 and was involved in the treatment of cardiac diseases right from the beginning. Since 1978, Professor Mortensen has been affiliated with the Department of Cardiology at Rigshospitalet, Denmark.

In London, he acquired a special technique used for heart tissue sampling (biopsies). The technique, which had not been used in Denmark at the time, is a necessary part of the control procedure following heart transplants. After having conducted various studies at Rigshospitalet, he earned his doctoral dissertation at the University of Copenhagen in 1989.

Since 1990, Professor Mortensen has been medically responsible for the heart transplant program at Rigshospitalet and has participated in several working groups and research and development projects. He has given numerous lectures over the years and published more than 170 articles in scientific publications and text books.

Received an honorary award from the Danish Society of Cardiology, and in 1999 he was appointed fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.

Currently working for and conducting research for the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet and has recently completed an international study of chronic heart failure patients using the preparation Bio-Quinone Q10 as part of the treatment. 

Svend Aage Mortensen M.D., DMSc, Assoc. Prof.