Urban Alehagen

Professor Urban Alehagen

Professor Urban Alehagen, Department of Cardiology, Linkoping University Hospital, is one of Sweden's most experienced cardiologists. Professor Urban headed the KiSel-10 research team and now takes Bio-Quinone Q10 himself thanks to the results of his study. 

By combining a trace element and a vitamin-like substance, both of which are essential to human health, Swedish researchers have managed to reduce cardiovascular mortality by over 50 per cent in a group of elderly people. In addition, the treatment appears to boost the heart function. 

Do you currently use selenium and coenzyme Q10 to treat your patients?

"I intend to inform patients about new research, including the findings we have made. Whether or not the patients decide to investigate these alternative therapies as a supplement to their prescribed treatments is entirely their own decision."

Professor Urban Alehagen
Department of Cardiology, Linkoping University Hospital