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Q10 Quality


Bio-availability is defined as the proportion of an orally administered substance that reaches the systemic circulation. The Q10 used in Pharma Nord products is subject to a patented treatment step which modifies the crystal structure, which together with the carrier oil formulation, results in superior bio-availability (e.g. Weis et al, 1994). 

Pharma Nord Q10 products are the most extensively documented in terms of effects in raising blood Q10 levels in human subjects. Data from some 14 published clinical studies (e.g. Zita et al, 2003) have shown oral supplementation with Bio-Quinone Q10 100mg twice daily raises blood Q10 levels from approx 0.90 to 3.25mg/l.

Q10 Superior Absorption

One of the best documented Q10 products.

Many people use coenzyme Q10 daily, but may be unaware that there can be large differences between products. The table below is a great comparison tool for you to use. Does your Q10 measure up?

Q10 Chart