Q10 + Statins

Statins are a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs that work by inhibiting the enzyme HMQ-CoA reductase, which plays a central role in the liver's synthesis of cholesterol. Randomized clinical trials (RCT) show that statins are most effective when given to patients who already suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD). They are, however, also widely used without CVD but who suffer from elevated cholesterol levels and/or other risk factors like diabetes and hypertension.

There are many different types of statins, some with a more potent LDL-lowering effect than others.


Q10 and Cholesterol

Coenzyme Q10 has multiple effects on the body's cholesterol level. Coenzyme Q10 will lower the body's cholesterol levels marginally. In addition, the antioxidant effect of Q10 will prevent circulating cholesterol from oxidizing and becoming very harmful.

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Statin Users

Did you know that there are both synthetically manufactured and natural statins?

Unfortunately, these substances also possess some side effects.  Please visit StatinQ10.com which contains a fundamental insight into these issues and the options available to optimize your cholesterol levels with a minimum or no side effects.

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